• Provide warehouse services 24/7 automated and secured warehouse facilities.
• PAG arranges warehouse service as per your requirement
• Expertise in consolidation service
• Expertise in the distribution of all type of cargo to any remote corner on Ethiopia. This is including medical equipment and medicines that require special care.
• Warehousing is a key component of the overall business supply chain.
• We provide end to end solution.

Basic Facts

• Own warehouses
• Own CFS consolidation center
• Provide bonded as well as regular warehouse services
• Engaged in distribution of all type of cargos to any corner of Ethiopia

Your benefits

• We provide simplified and sustainable solutions that are right for your particular industry.
• Extensive experience in warehouse and distribution service
• Great network in the industry
• Safe and secure service
• Provide fast and affordable consolidation solution
• Industry experts that understand your needs and the issues that affect your customers at a global and regional level.