Company History

our history

Panafric Global (PAG) is a private limited company which was found in 1993. It is a dynamic company with a broad range of logistics expertise.

PAG’s Headquarters is located in Addis Ababa; it has five branches located at Airport, Kality, Adama, Hawassa and Djibouti. Additionally we have satellite official located inside our client’s premises. It gives a working opportunity for a total of 152 permanent staff members and about 50-70 temporary staff members. It creates a marvelous working environment to its staff members.

  • 2011
    : IATA Certification

    PAG meet the necessary IATA criteria and award a certificate that certify it to be a member of International Freight Forwarders Association.

  • 2003
    : General Sales Agent for Airliners

    This enables us to provide all Airliner related services to our clients from our desk. Services like Reservation, Booking, AWB issuance, and departure follow up

  • 1996
    : IFFS Launching

    The word IFFS stands for Integrated Freight Forwarding System and it is particularly designed to facilitate freight forwarding activities. The availability of IFFS made different operational activities at PAG. IFFS is generally vital in every work that PAG is involved in especially it will help client to know the status of their shipments.

  • 1993
    : ERCA Certification

    It provides direct access to Ethiopian Customs portal system, ASYCUDA++, from all branch office. It will facilitate the whole customs clearance.